Plastic Dustbin
Explore our range of Plastic Dustbins ideal for homes and businesses. Crafted from durable plastics, these bins are designed for everyday use. With various sizes and styles available, our collection includes bins suitable for kitchens, offices, and outdoor areas.
Plastic Pallets
Explore our sturdy Plastic Pallets, tailored for efficiency and durability. Our pallets are crafted from premium-grade materials, offering longevity and reliability in demanding environments. Resistant to moisture and contaminants, they provide a hygienic and secure solution for handling goods.
Portable Toilet
Looking for hassle-free restroom solutions for your next outdoor occasion? Our Portable Toilets are the answer. Compact and user-friendly, these units are perfect for events, camping trips, and work sites. 
Road Barriers
Enhance safety and streamline traffic with our versatile Road Barriers. Perfect for directing traffic, delineating work zones, and enhancing road safety, our barriers are engineered for durability and easy deployment. Get our heavy-duty barriers today for a safer and more organized environment.
Plastic Tanks
Looking for reliable Plastic Tanks? Our durable and cost-effective plastic tanks are built to handle diverse storage requirements. Whether you need a small tank for home use or a large-scale solution for industrial purposes, our collection has you covered.
Garbage Rickshaw
Upgrade your waste management operations with our Garbage Rickshaws. Compact yet robust, these rickshaws offer unparalleled maneuverability in narrow city streets. Engineered for maximum efficiency, they optimize waste collection routes and minimize environmental impact.
Plastic Container
Plastic Container designed and developed by our company are versatile, durable storage solutions made from plastic, ideal for organizing and transporting goods. Available in various sizes and shapes, suitable for home, industrial, and commercial use.
Wheel Barrow
Wheel Barrow are construction-grade handy tool with a single or dual wheel, used for carrying loads like soil, gravel, or debris. Essential for gardening, landscaping, and construction projects. Order from us these material handling units at a reasonable price. 
Processing Trolleys
Upgrade your operational efficiency with our versatile Processing Trolleys. Engineered for durability and functionality, these trolleys offer essential support in fast-paced environments. Designed with precision, our trolleys maximize storage capacity and minimize downtime, enabling smooth and swift material handling.
Sanitization Booth
Sanitization Booth stations are enclosed structure designed to disinfect individuals or objects entering or exiting. Equipped with sanitizing sprays or UV-C lights to prevent the spread of germs. Get these robust structures from us as per your requirements. 
Portable Cabins
Portable Cabins are mobile prefabricated structures used for temporary accommodations, offices, or storage. Easily transportable and customizable for various applications like events, construction sites, or disaster relief. These structures can be customized as per clients requiremens.
Plastic Crate
We are offering sturdy, stackable Plastic Crates typically used for storage and transportation of goods. Lightweight, durable, and available in different sizes, suitable for industries such as logistics, agriculture, and retail.

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